I began writing poetry in college when an old Boy Scout friend of mine wound up at the same community college as me for a semester.  We began meeting with a few other people on campus and started a small poetry group.  That's how my collection of poetry AN OLD MAN came about.

Fast forward a few years, I started to consider that I might like to write a novel.  I tried several times but could never get further than a short story.  Then, one day it happened.  I came upon a subject that interested me and I just kept writing that storyline over the next few months.  The next thing I knew, I had a rough draft of a novel completely hand-written in a notebook.  Several edits later, THE BOOK OF JUBILEES was born.  That was 2009.

In 2010, I completed the first draft of MORE ANGER THAN SORROW and realized I could write books that were a little more disturbing but still make the characters likable.  That novel led to CALLING BABEL.

After three novels, my advice to any writer is: write what you enjoy.  The writing process is long and it takes quite a bit of patience.  In the end, nothing may come out of what you wrote but at least you've written something you can enjoy (with perhaps a few others).

When I'm not writing, I'm active with my wife and three sons in South Carolina.

Don't do life alone.