I like to think that I've always been a writer.  Much like someone who learns a foreign language and it takes some time for them to feel comfortable enough with their own tongue to let their personality shine through in that new language - that's what I feel I experienced with writing.

I tried to write a novel for years and found that I just couldn't.  I began to write poetry in the void - classic ABAB type poems - but found my voice when I shut off my mind and went to a place that was a little scary.  It was there that most of my darker poetry lived and from that, I was able to take some of the pent up emotions I had and put them into words.  During those days, I often thought I was crazy but it turns out my soul just needed cleansing.  These days, the poetry doesn't flow as well as it once did but I am more one with myself rather than several people within me shouting to be heard and to lead.

I started writing novels in 2009 as a way to circumvent some of the frustrations I had in my career.  In a way, I guess novels were to my adult life as poetry was to my young adult life.  The words were a way to express what I felt inside - and it seems I had a lot more to say as an adult because the thoughts and words just kept coming.

My novels have gone through several revisions, I have combined books, I have added in short stories to some of my novels; in the end, I have created a world that is fun for me to explore.  It's amazing that everything on the pages of my books was within me and I didn't go insane while the words were still inside.  Stephen King is one of my favorite authors and I learned from him the value of a self-contained world in which all of my characters can live.  Bernard Cornwell taught me the craft of wordsmith in bringing every experience of the reader to life. 

These days, you can find me in South Carolina with my family.