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Fast forward a few years, Eric began having thoughts that he might like to write a novel.  He tried several times but could never get further than a short story.  Then, one day it happened.  He found a subject that interested him and kept writing on that subject over the next few months.  The next thing he knew he had a rough draft of a novel completely hand-written in a notebook.  Several edits later, THE BOOK OF JUBILEES was created.  That was 2009.

When Eric is not writing, he's active with his three sons.  His wife and he live in South Carolina  - and at least for today, allow their kids to live with them.

If you'll look just to the left of this, you'll notice what really got Eric Black into this whole writing thing.  That's his book of poetry, AN OLD MAN.

Eric began writing poetry in college when an old Boy Scout friend of his, whom he hadn't seen in years wound up at the same community college (not that the town was so large that there were many options).  Regardless, they met with a few other people on campus and started a small poetry group.  That's how this collection came about.

In 2010, Eric completed the first draft of MORE ANGER THAN SORROW and realized he could write books that were a little more disturbing but still make the characters likable.  That novel led to INTENSITY and CALLING BABEL.

Eric's advice to any writer is: to write what you enjoy.  The writing process is long and it takes quite a bit of patience.  In the end, nothing may come out of what you wrote but at least you've written something you can enjoy (with perhaps a few others).

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