More Anger Than Sorrow


MORE ANGER THAN SORROW is a historical fantasy fiction novel that follows the rise and fall of Jack, later to be known to history as Jack the Ripper.  The murders of Jack the Ripper are well documented; but there were other murders that were not documented, and played a significant role in the altering of history.


During World War I, a young officer name Adolph Hitler was just beginning to make his name.  Jack is present when Hitler is unexpectedly killed during the Battle of Passchendaele by a man who shouldn’t have been there.  Vincent Shakespeare is the man responsible for killing the future dictator of Nazi Germany and the death creates a shift in history, impacting the lives of countless people – some for the better and some for not.


Vincent learns that he has traveled back in time against his will and is joined by Libby Williams, the President of the United States, who discovers she has taken Woodrow Wilson’s place in history.  They work together to make a post-Great War world a better place but that changes when Jack murders Libby. 


Vincent teams up with Woodrow Wilson, the man who should have been President, to seek out Jack and end his murderous ways.  Their efforts are complicated by others from Jack’s past who want to see him dead as well.


More Anger than Sorrow reminds us that love can be timeless, that changing history is not without consequences and that sometimes your past can come back to kill you.