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"@ericmblack U R AWESOME!" - Carrie Filetti, author of BENJAMIN BOHNS

"Celebrate poetry month with @ericmblack and his collection in Old Man." - Sherry Foley, author of SWITCHED IN DEATH

"@ericmblack Nice to meet you, Eric! Thanks for the follow. Read the blurb for More Anger than Sorrow and love the time travel twist! :)" - author Jayme Woods

"@ericmblack likewise! I do love stories about serial killers, possible histories & uncomfortable events, so I imagine I will enjoy your work." - Kevin Gross, author of A PRELUDE TO NOTHING

"@ericmblack #Jack #BookOfTheDay rt nice book trailer!" - James Potterbaum, author of JUNKYARD JUNCTION

"@ericmblack A pleasure, Eric. Love the cover of 'An Old Man'. " - poet and author Jenny Burnley

"@ericmblack Thank you very much! Likewise! I browsed through your work and enjoyed it very much. It's good to be connected with you." - author Robin Kalinich

"@ericmblack Unbelievable. Your pictures just blow me away!" - poet and author Tasha Cotter